Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Assessment and Screening Services

These services involve comprehensive interviewing, testing and/or multi-axial diagnostic evaluations that can be used to improve the functioning and overall adjustment of children, adults, and families involved with the courts. Services are based on culturally sensitive test measures and interviewing techniques and include the determination of individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs, as well as assistance in addressing psycho-legal issues and referral questions. Referrals are made through collaborations with community-based organizations and state agencies that work with individuals involved with the courts.

Gender Responsive Evaluations

Gender responsive evaluations involve comprehensive interviewing, testing, and/or multi-axial diagnostic evaluations of adult women transitioning back to the community from a correctional setting or a substance abuse treatment facility. Evaluations are driven by referral questions and unique concerns associated with females. Clinically and gender appropriate treatment recommendations are provided.

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Clinical Intervention

Community Interventions in Forensic Mental Health II: Gender Responsive Evaluation and Screening
Gender responsive evaluation and screenings are for females involved in the court who have a history of trauma and are at high-risk for re-offending. Students will learn to conduct gender-responsive interviews, administer psychological testing, determine appropriate treatment needs, and write a report that will be used by agencies for treatment planning.