What Students Are Saying…

What Students Are Saying…

“Working in The Forensic Center allowed me the opportunity to work directly with clients. This hands-on experience helped me grow as a person and allowed me to further my knowledge in a clinical setting. The constructive criticism that I received was beneficial in allowing me to better my counseling skills. I would highly recommend a Forensic Center initiative to anyone as a great way to gain valuable knowledge.”

“This is an experience unique to The Chicago School and I feel like it secured my interest in the field. Being a part of this course helped me to make a small difference for youth in care.”

“It is a privilege and a unique opportunity to be able to work in this kind of setting so early in our educational careers. It has made my graduate school experience much more than just ’school’ experience, but almost like job training! Hopefully this kind of learning can be implemented in all first-year studies.”

“The Forensic Center is the reason I chose to attend The Chicago School. Being able to learn through hands-on experience and direct contact with the surrounding community is both an amazing learning tool and unique learning environment. The service learning courses provide opportunities for students to see the world through the clinician’s eyes, allowing us to learn as we mature while preparing us to enter the psychological field.”

“I would never have learned from a textbook what I learned from PCIT – about the therapy, about the experience, or about myself.”

“The most valuable aspect of my PCIT experience was the supportive environment created by my supervisors. Their trust in my ability and supportive guidance produced the perfect atmosphere to foster my accurate self-reflection and increase my confidence as a beginning professional.”